Welcome to Armenia



14-day program

Day 1:  Arrival in Yerevan and transfer to the hotel.


Day 2: City Tour, visiting museums: Matenadaran - Institute of Ancient Manuscripts, Museum and Memorial of the Armenian Genocide, etc.


Day 3: Cathedral Echmiadzin, ruins of the cathedral of Zvartnots (7th century), Khor Virap - the first Christian monastery in Armenia, Vernissage.


Day 4: Monastery Geghard (9th to13th centuries) a UNESCO World Heritage pagan temple of Garni is a Hellenistic unique monument; Museum of History.


Day 5: Medieval Monasteries Ohanavank and Saghmosavank (13th century) located along the canyon Kasakh; fortress Amberd (7th century) erected on a rocky promontory, Dzoraget.


Day 6: Odzun Basilica (5th to 6th centuries), monasteries Haghpat and Sanahine - UNESCO World Heritage, Dilijan city- a beautiful spa, Old Dilijan. Lake Sevan (at 2000m), Peninsula with the monastery of Sevanavank (9th to 13th centuries).


Day 7: Cemetery of Noradouz with 700 khachkars ("Cross Stone"), Caravanserai of Selim (14th century), Noravank Monastery (13th century), Jermuk - resort, famous for its mineral waters.


Day 8: Karahunj - ancient observatory (2nd millennium BC), Tatev monastery (9th century) - the pearl of medieval Armenian architecture, city Goris.


Day 9: Armenian - Iranian border, the monastery of St. Stephen - isolated in the hills (13th century), historic town Jolfa, Garah Kelissa, one of the most famous monasteries in Iran and one of the places of Christian pilgrimage, St. Thaddeus Armenian Church (4th to 13th centuries). 



Jour 10: Ville de Khandovan; village traditionnel avec les maisons construites dans le rocher qui va vous rappeler sur le Cappadocie de la Turquie. 

Tabriz, l’ancienne capitale Perse, tour de ville.
Day 10: City Khandovan, traditional village with houses built on the rock that will remind you of Cappadocia Turkey. Tabriz (Persia's ancient capital), city tour.




Day 11: Archaeological Site Takhte Soleiman (Throne of Solomon) considered World Heritage by UNESCO.  City Zanjan.





Day 12: The laundry of Zanjan, the Mausoleum of Oldjaïtou, which is one of the largest domes in the world (UNESCO heritage),  Sultanieh was the capital of the Mongol Ilkan, the steam Qajar, Tehran.





Day 13: Tehran City Tour

Visiting museums: The National Museum, the Museum of Glass and Ceramics and the Jewelry Museum.




Day 14 : Transfer to the airport. Departure


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