Welcome to Armenia


Archil Gorky - Armenian painter, citizen of the USA

Aram Khachaturian – Armenian, Soviet composer.  Khachaturian was the first composer in the Soviet Union to incorporate     modern music and classical ballet. Gayane Ballet, contains the famous "Sabre Dance"

Alain Prost - Race Car Driver - Won Formula 1 Race 4 Times

Alan Hovhaness - Composer - The Prayer of St. Gregory, Symphonies

Magnificat Alex Manoogian - Inventor, Businessman 

Andre Agassi - Tennis-Ranked # 1 in The World in 1995. 

Armenak Khanperiants (Sergei Khudiakov) - Marshal- of the II World War

Artem Mikoyan - Aircraft Designer-Creator and namesake of "MiG" Fighters of the Soviet Union and Russia.

Atom Egoyan - Director-Won 1997 Cannes Grand Prize & 2 Oscar Nominations for "The Sweet Hereafter" 
Charles Aznavour - Singer
Cher (Cherylin Sarkissian) - Actress, Singer
Calouste Gulbenkian - Oil Baron-"Mr. 5%" Made history in Iraqi oil wealth Earlier this century after Gaining 5% ownership of BP, and 3 Other major companies. Set up a large enduring foundation.

Dennis Agajanian - Singer-One of America's most popular gospel singers.

Jack Kevorkian - Physician-assisted suicide of promoteur.

Dr. Raymond Damadian - Inventor-MRI diagnosis machine. Magnetic resonance imaging allows the insides of the body to be viewed without actually using surgery.

Dr. Kazanjian Varazdat - Doctor-A ‘father’ of plastic surgery and Harvard professor.

Emile Lahoud - President of Lebanon, Lebanese general who united to form the religious factions of the Lebanese army.

Eric Bogosian - Writer / Actor

Garry Kasparov - Chess-Ranked # 1 in the world. Serving in Russian Parliament.

George Gurdjieff - Spiritual Leader

Hamazasp Babajanian - Marshal-II World War

Howard Kazanjian - Producer-Return of the Jedi and Raiders of the Lost Ark

Hovhannes Aivazovsky - Painter-Famous for his seascapes

Hovhannes Bagramian - Marshal-II World War

Hovhannes Isakov -Admiral II World War

Jerry Tarkanian - Coach-Turned The UNLV basketball team

Kevork Hovnanian - Homebuilder-One of top 10 U.S. homebuilders

Kirk Kerkorian - Businessman, Investor-Founded airlines, built Worlds Largest casinos, owned MGM studios and still owns MGM Grand, larger share of Diamler-Chrysler.

Luther Simjia -  Inventor of Medical photography systems, autofocus camera

Mike Connors (Ohanian) - Actor-Star of "Mannix"

Raffi (Cavoukian) - Songwriter / Singer-children's songwriter,

Ross Bagdasarian - Cartoonist-Creator of "The Chipmunks". ‘Alvin Simon and Theodore’, a popular children's cartoon. The "Chipmunks Christmas Album" is a classic.

Rouben Mamoulian - Director-First to use a mobile camera, Technicolor and a multiple channel sound track.        

Ashik Kerib Seymour Skinner (Armen Tamzarian) - Principal-Bart and Lisa's Principal is the "Simpson's".

Sergei Paradjanov – Director

Steven Zaillian - Screenwriter-Received Oscar for Schindlers List

System of a Down - Music group with growing popularity. 

Viktor Hambartsumian - Astrophysicist-Developed theories of young star clusters, and computing The Mass Ejected from nova stars. Headed Byurakan Observatory in Armenia, &  International Astrophysicist Organization.

William Saroyan - Novelist, Playwright-Won a Pulitzer Prize for the Play "The Time of Your Life" which he turned down. Wrote "The Human Comedy," "My Name is Aram", and directed a prize winning movie.

Zildjian Family - Manufacturers-World’s largest cymbal Manufacturer.

Juri Djorkaef -  French football player