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8-day program

 Voyage Armenia is pleased to introduce to you a snowshoe tour in Armenia .
Discover winter mountains with their large blank spaces, frozen lakes and wildlife traces on the snow ...

Saghmosavank Hatis Arménie en Hiver

Born from the volcanoes of Mount Ararat, Armenia is the heart of a civilization, a blend of ancient cultures and Christianity. Tuff and basalt, with their deep and rich colors, were used for building materials and sculptures, as Armenian art was mainly expressed in the stone work in the thousands of "khachkars" (carved stele) which punctuate the religious architecture. Armenia was the first Christian state in the world. A land of ancient civilizations, with the influence of Persia, Greece and Rome, it is covered with churches and monasteries considered to be one of the largest collections of Christian art and architecture. Since the seventh century, churches have reached new heights in the perfection of their forms. Today a number of cultural sites are in the list of  World Heritage of UNESCO.

Lac Sevan en hiver Aragats Temple païen de Garni


Duration - 8 days, 7 nights
Total distance on foot - 72-75 km
Total distance by bus - 400 km
Overnight - Hotel 3 * -4 * / In the house of a local resident
Main Points - Site Visits (Geghard, Garni) World Heritage of UNESCO