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Access to Armenia

Access by car

The transport infrastructure in Armenia is composed of rail, highway and airport. There is no access to the sea, no maritime infrastructure. One can come to Armenia by Georgia from the north or by Iran from the south because Turkey and Azerbaijan have no diplomatic relations with Armenia.


Access by train

Today the Armenian railroad is currently unable to compete with cars. The rail network is not very extensive,  it is currently limited to the line connecting Armenia to Georgia. This is the main international railway line for communication. It is planned to build a railway line of 450 km between Armenia and Iran.


Access by air

Due to the geopolitical position of the region, the main route to Armenia is by air.
The international airport Zvartnots which is 15 km from Yerevan offers departures to many destinations. It has a certificate of ICAO category with 24 hours.
Since 2002, Zvartnots airport is managed by the Argentine American Corporation led by the Argentine-Armenian Eduardo Ernikian. Therefore, there have been done some renovation works: rehabilitation of trails, restoration of the VIP terminal and especially construction of a new terminal, inaugurated in November 2011. Thus, the new 49,700 m airport can accommodate more than three million passengers a year.
To get from the airport to the city one can take a taxi (24 / 24) or a mini bus (from 8h to 20h)-lines 108 and 201 leading to the city center. Transportation by a mini bus is about half an hour and the ticket costs 200 drams. By taxi, the same trip costs an average of 2500-3000 drams (5 -6 €).


For more information follow the link: www.zvartnots.am 





Armavia national carrier of the Republic of Armenia



Aeroflot Russia



Air France KLM France



British Airways UK



Lufthansa Germany



Austrian Airlines Austria



Czech Airlines Czech Republic