Welcome to Armenia

Butterflies of Armenia

Butterflies of Armenia

9-day program

Day 1: Arrival in Yerevan and transfer to the hotel.



Day 2: Yerevan – Garni – Geghard - Yerevan

Transfer to Garni. The pagan temple of Garni is the only survived monument from Hellenistic period in Armenia.

In Garni gorge where spectacular basalt columns have been carved out by the Goght River is another rich butterfly habitat and supports Marbled Skipper, Powdered Brimstone, Esper’s Marbled White, Freyer's Fritillary, and the beautiful emperor butterfly Thaleropis ionia. Next stop is Gueghard – cave Monastery – UNESCO’s world heritage.   



Day 3: Yerevan – Vedi – Noravank – Hermon

Direction to the south of the country. Transfer to Vedi. Here can observed Carcharodus orientalis, Spialia phlomidis, Muschampia poggei, Colias chlorocoma, C. suaveola danchenkoi, P. (Lysandra) corydonius, P. (Agrodiaetus) surakovi, Hipparchia parisatis. Continue to Noravank. The Gorge of Noravank is popular with its caves, and splendid flora and fauna. 



Day 4: Hermon – Selim – Noratus – Sevan – Dilijan

In addition it’s an interesting spot for butterflies like Tomares romanovi, Lampides boeticus, Plebejus argus bella, P. (Agri.) pyrenaicus dardanus, Aricia crassipuncta, P. (Neolysandra) diana, Melitaea Aurelia, Hyponephele lycaon etc.



Day 5: Dilijan - Jukhtak Vank – Gyumri

Hike through the forest to reach the Churches Jukhtak. The Beech Forest and its meadows full of flowers is the draw here. They are home to many butterfly species: the attractive emperor butterfly Thaleropis ionia, Southern White Admiral, Hungarian Glider, Eastern Wood White, Great Banded Grayling, Northern Brown Argus, the hairstreak Satyrium abdominal and more. Continue to the city Gyumri. 



Day 6: Gyumri – Marmashen – Yerevan

At a mountain pass near Jajour we will search the rocky slopes and sheltered grassy woodland edges for Mountain Alcon Blue, Turquoise Blue, Purple-shot Copper, Blues Polyommatus turcicus and Polyommatus firdussi, Gavarnie Blue, the Brown Argus Aricia allous, the fritillary Mellicta caucasogenita, Heath Fritillary, Yellow-banded Skipper, Olive Skipper and the Grayling Pseudochazara beroe. 



Day 7: Yerevan – Saghmosavank – Amberd – Yerevan

Hike through the fields of pasture towards Fortress of Amberd. Wildflowers literally carpet the mountain 8 months in the year. Lycaena virgaureae armeniaca, P. (Lysandra) corydonius, P. (Agrodiaetus) demavendi, P. (Agrodiaetus) eriwanensis,   P. (Agrodiaetus) altivagans, Pseudochazara geyeri, Lycaena virgaureae armeniaca, P. (Neolysandra) alticola, P. (Lysandra) corydonius, P. (Agrodiaetus) demavendi, P. (Agrodiaetus) ninae, Pseudochazara geyeri,     P. (Neolysandra) alticola can be seen here. Return to Yerevan.



Day 8: Yerevan – Tsakhkadzor - Yerevan

Following butterfly species can be observed here: Limenitis Camilla, Aglais urticae, Vanessa cardui, Argynnis lathonia, Argynnis lathonia, Argynnis paphia, Brenthis ino schmitzi, Polygonia C-album, Polygonia C-album , Melitea sp, Erebia aethiops, Melanargia galathea, Heodes virgaureae, Parasemia plantaginis caucasica, Hesperiidae sp., Papilio machaon, Parnassius Mnemosyne, Pieris rapae, Autographa gamma, Catocala sp, Abraxas grossulariata, Limenitis Camilla, Aglais urticae. Return to Yerevan.


Day 9: Transfer to Zvartnots airport, departure.